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Somehow I managed to miss updating at all in March. Life's been.... busy and hectic. I've had these pictures saved up for more than a month, even. Shame on me. Anyway, let's get back to the Goreys!

If you can recall that long ago, Epitwee and Hal had their first child, Quentin Gorey. He has all his mother's genetics. He is also #1 in a series of 6, since Twee's LTW is to have six children get married.

A nanny is hired so both parents can return to work as soon as possible. This is difficult, since they're dirt poor.

Quentin has a tender tummy and doesn't react well to being jostled too much.

Hal apparently works with nothing but old ladies. This is who he brought home from work with him.

Since it's the middle of the night, he pretty much sends her home once she arrives.

He did bring home enough money to add a nursery onto the house.

The bathroom is also slightly expanded.

Epitwee is fairly attentive of Quentin. She is a Family Sim, after all.

Hal is stressed about their financial situation, and eats his pain away.

Their money worries don't stop them from trying for Baby #2 every chance they get.

They are a cute couple, I think. Even if they are obsessed with doing it on the couch.

Despite their obvious passion, there was no baby chime here.

It's okay, Twee, you're still young. There's plenty of baby-makin' time.

The most hilarious looking dog ever passed by outside, so I sent Twee out to try to make friends with it. :D

Alas, they didn't have enough money to pay the repairman, so he took the dining table. D:

Hello again, Hot Townie.

Despite coming inside and trying to destroy the furniture, Hilarious Dog left super quickly and has never returned yet. I want them to have this dog! She's a stray!

Epitwee: Good Mom.

They're achingly poor, and Hal gets fired from his Journalism job due to a bad chance card. Poor Hal! He just wants to provide for his family!

Epitwee is not only a good mom, she's a good wife. She consoled Hal completely autonomously.

Ahem, more "consoling". (No baby chime though...)

Even the male walk-bys are attractive! He also has a *fabulous* name, but I forgot to write it down. Take my word for it, it is *fabulous*.

They can't afford the nanny now, so Hal stays home with Quentin. When the baby sleeps, Hal works on a novel to try to bring in some extra money.

Time flies, and it's already time for Quentin's birthday.

The candles are blown out....

And the arcane baby-flinging ritual is completed!

Quentin: Ehhhhn, confetti in my eyes....

Quentin is a perfectly acceptable toddler.

They waste no time in starting him on potty-training.

Epitwee is fairly doting, regardless of what her moods are.

There they go again; she wants MOAR babies. Seriously.

At least Quentin can occupy himself while his parents are busy.

Oh, they're out of the honeymoon phase all right. They're in the full-on comfort zone now.

The next morning, they try again for a baby.


Hal is also fairly attentive of Quentin; they play peek-a-boo a lot.

Invisible baby pop!

Poor Twee, pregnant and hungry, and they still don't have a dining table.

Quentin prefers a dog bed to his own bed. Mostly because he can sleep when he feels like it.

Pregnancy doesn't slow Epitwee down when it comes to toddler-tending.

Again with the awesome townies walking by outside; this guy is great! Cheesy, but great!

Quentin screams, Epitwee appears. It's impressive.

Hal helps out by taking care of the housework. He's not really that great at communicating his feelings, so he relies on gestures of kindness.

Twee takes the time to teach Quentin to talk.

Success! Alas, this is the only toddler skill Quentin learns; Twee's pregnancy keeps her from doing much more.

Second baby pop! And terrifying face there, Twee.

Hal is obsessed with this stray cat; her name is Lady.

Another zany walk-by. I honestly do not remember getting geneticized fantasy skins, but I guess I did...?

.... Twee, you're already pregnant.

Epitwee: I'm just making sure!

Hal tries to teach Quentin to walk, but doesn't get to finish.

They become best friends, though, so yay...?

Quentin is rather terrifying when he's pissed off. D:

And I never noticed there is an elephant in the bottom of the baby dish!

Nursery labor!

Quentin is peeved because he's trying to sleep. A screaming pregnant woman right next to his head? Not what he wanted.

It's a girl!

And.... it's twins. Why yes, I did max her fertility when I saw her LTW, why do you ask?

It's also a boy!

The girl is Celia, with all of Twee's genetics again. (I did hit the randomizer, I swear. Her skintone is just powerful, I guess. Or, not geneticized. It's possible.)

The boy is Thump. Again with mom's genetics.

And after all the screaming and labored breathing, it's also Quentin's birthday!

Poor kid never learned to walk or use the potty.


Despite not learning much as a toddler (understandable since his mom was carrying twins), he grows up well and happily.

And that's all for this update! Join us again, hopefully sooner than a month from now, to find out how the new babies do. And will Hal ever get a job again?! A family of five can't survive on the income of one person!

Thanks so much for reading; comments are always appreciated. ^_^


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Apr. 12th, 2010 01:57 pm (UTC)
The townies are generated when you first create your game, right? They'll walk by again. I think…

Edited at 2010-04-12 02:06 pm (UTC)
Apr. 13th, 2010 01:13 am (UTC)
Oh yeah, they will; but getting stray animals to come by again is an exercise in annoyance. I guess they're more random because they are animals...?
Mar. 13th, 2014 08:42 pm (UTC)
That was the perfect poodle! Best wishes, family ^_^
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