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The Polychromes: A Rainbow Legacy Part 1

Because I am easily distracted, in addition to my traditional Legacy challenge (10 generations without cheating), my Asylum challenge, *and* my ISBI challenge, I've been working on a Rainbow Legacy challenge too. It's not much of a challenge though, since I am being rather cheater-y with it. (I just wanted an excuse to go crazy with color themes, what can I say?) Thus, I present to you, the Polychromes!

One caveat though, I've never understood why Rainbow legacies start with yellow, so I'm starting with red. You know, ROY G BIV, just like we all learned in elementary school. So, my color order for each generation will be as follows: 1. Red, 2. Orange, 3. Yellow, 4. Green, 5. Blue, 6. Purple (violet, and yes, I skipped indigo, because that's basically blue), 7. Pink, 8. Turquoise, 9. Black, 10. White. If I can actually make it past ten generations (which I doubt), who knows, generation 11 could be neon, or plaid, or striped. It's all for fun!

Without further ado, once again, I have made a female founder, because that seems to be how I roll.

This is Alizarin Polychrome. She is a Fortune/Family Sim with the lifetime want of becoming the head of the SCIA. She really likes redheads who are good at cleaning, but she isn't interested if they are chubby. She's also a Leo and her female cat is named Maple. She's obsessed with the color red.

Neat: 5
Outgoing: 9
Active: 4
Playful: 4
Nice: 3

She's moved into a beach house in Desiderata Valley, because I hadn't played there yet. Also, a note: these screenies were all taken before my computer upgrades, so please excuse the picture quality.

First things first, Maple must be petted.

A long shot of the exterior of the house. I tried to go for a beach-y cottage-y feel.

Maple is a cat that demands a lot of attention. Much like a real cat!

Alizarin goes in to find a job, and what luck, there's one in the Intelligence career track.

While she's busy doing that, this handsome fellow from the gardening club shows up. A redhead right out the gate! What luck!

Alizarin is too busy watching the waves to talk to Mr. Garden Club, or else she'd notice he's pretty cute.

The welcome wagon arrives, and surprisingly, it's all men! This has never happened before. (Alizarin rolled straight on her random gender preference roll.)

She ignores the entire welcome wagon, in favor of lavishing attention on Maple. *sigh* One of them is even wearing a red shirt! Come on, Ali!

She finally greets Mr. Garden Club, and learns his name is Austin Nakano.

This interesting fellow wandered by the house, so I sent her over to talk to him. Alien skin tones are cool!

They didn't get along that well, though not for lack of trying.

She tried telling him jokes, but he just wasn't that interested.

Well, she thought they were funny, anyway! She didn't really hit it off with Alien Skin Man, so that was that. (She did find Austin attractive, though.)

Well, he thought she was hot, but there wasn't much chemistry.

She went in and made herself a sandwich. Eh, nothing else to do.

Now for some house spam:

The eat-in kitchen.

The living room.

The den.

The downstairs bathroom.

The master bedroom. (The lamps will change later in here when I realize the ones I put in give off almost no light.)

The master bathroom.

The upstairs bathroom.

The nursery, all ready for a future baby!

There's one more bedroom upstairs, but there's nothing in it yet.

The back porch and the side of the house. I somewhat fail at landscaping.

Meanwhile, back in our exciting legacy saga, Alizarin eats a sandwich and looks pensive.

So far, Maple is her only friend and companion. So lonely!

Suddenly, she gets a call from a friend she didn't know she had. Should she go downtown? Sure, why not! She needs to find a boyfriend so she can get started on Generation Orange.

The group she goes out with turns out to be entirely female. It's Desperate Ladies' Night! (Insert Kool & the Gang song lyrics here...)

This guy has red hair, but he's clearly a total narcissist. Forget him!

The bartender is pretty hot, but he has none of Alizarin's turn-ons. And he's strictly professional.

The bowling alley is lousy with women. It's like the world is conspiring to keep Alizarin from meeting Mr. Right!

They're perfectly pretty women, but Ali is unfortunately straight.

She introduces herself to every guy who comes in the place, just in case!

Again, perfectly pretty women all over this bowling alley. It's like an episode of The L Word or something. My game may be trying to tell me something.

Alizarin keeps her head on a swivel in the hopes of seeing someone worthwhile. (Also, thanks for no ceilings on community lots, Maxis. Like I have time to go into all of them and put them in...)

The bartender doesn't give her the time of day. Neither does the guy next to her.

The Desperate Ladies move on to another venue, only to be stymied at every turn. All the walk-ins are female! (Nice lipgloss there, by the way. That's *with* my default makeup replacements, too.)

Ali continues to try to meet as many guys as possible. In the background, the *exact same* bartender looks on disapprovingly. (Does he work everywhere?! What the heck?!)

Disheartened, Alizarin heads home. Alone. And dejected.

Desperate for human contact, she chats online with Austin.

This guy wandered by in the middle of the night, so she ran out to talk to him. They did not hit it off. Alas!

I'm starting to get worried at this time, so I use the Cheating Crystal Ball of Cheatingness, and check to see who she is most compatible with. Surprise! It's Austin Nakano! He is summoned to the house, where they flirt in the darkness.

Bonus, he also has a lot of money! Sure, he dresses terrible and has awful hair, but he's cute and likes her! We have a winner!

Alizarin goes to bed happy, knowing she won't be alone for long. Maple is just glad for the attention! She is a demanding cat.

Next morning, Ali and Maple eat breakfast together.

And Ali heads off to her job as a crime scene investigator, excited at the prospect of seeing Austin later.

She invites him over for a dinner date, but sadly burns the soup. Austin got his hair done before coming to visit.

Alizarin: How is it?

Austin: It's.... delicious...

Alizarin: :D

Smart man, he knows when to fib.

Oh yeah, these two have major chemistry.

Meanwhile, Maple realizes she is being ignored and Takes Steps to rectify the situation.

This scene happens almost every day in my own house. Bad cats!

Austin makes himself at home!

*insert joke about how her clothes would look better on the floor*

Oh, ACR, you make dates so easy to ace.

Well, they're happy!

They had a fantastic date. Austin will be in this legacy for sure!

They managed to woohoo without making out in the process? Well, okay then! Must have been very business like.

Round two?! These two really do like each other!

Alizarin asks him to move in, and he gleefully accepts! He gets a color-appropriate new outfit.

Austin wants to become a Prestidigitator, and works as a lounge singer. I think his new togs will work well for this career path!

These two can't get enough of each other! Maple disapproves. She should be getting all that attention!

Just a random shot to show that yes, Austin cleaned up well. Rowr!

These two are at it constantly. I have no worries about generation 2 at this point! Especially since there was a baby chime after this go round!

Maple expresses her annoyance at being ignored by eating the flowers. Maple may end up destructive if they continue to ignore her!

That's all for this update; next Polychrome update will feature new screenies utilizing the new video card. And I'm still working on my Goreys, the Funny Farm, and the Eighties. Here's hoping I can continue to do weekly updates.

A note here: I purposely gave Alizarin one of the darkest skin tones I had for two reasons: one, I wanted to test the geneticized skins I have in game and see how things "blended" and two, I noticed there are very few sims out there with really deeply pigmented skins. The only problem I noticed with Ali's skin is that it's difficult sometimes to get good screenshots of her and lighting her is sometimes hard.

As always, thanks for reading and putting up with my constant distraction!


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Dec. 5th, 2010 08:54 pm (UTC)
I really enjoyed reading that, can't wait for more :)

Your writing style is very interesting, I like it!
Dec. 13th, 2010 03:56 pm (UTC)
Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it. ^_^

Never fear, there will be more, though I am slow with the updates...
Dec. 20th, 2010 09:41 am (UTC)
Man, you are awesome at decorating houses! I haven't even bothered color-coordinating my legacy house apart from the bedrooms. XD
Dec. 20th, 2010 10:50 pm (UTC)
Wow, thank you! I really love decorating houses, but I still haven't mastered the various cheats for doing the really crazy decorating stuff (stuff at 45-degree angles, extra clutter everywhere, etc.). Someday, I hope to get closer to the level of quality of some of the other simmers out there whose work I admire. ^_^
Jan. 18th, 2011 09:18 am (UTC)
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