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The Polychromes: A Rainbow Legacy Part 2

I hope everyone had a good holiday season. Mine was uncommonly busy with work and such, I barely had time to play anything. (And this was keenly felt because WoW: Cataclysm came out in December!) But here, I come bearing Polychromes, since they are the group I have the most pictures for at the moment. Still, some good stuff goes on here, so let's dive right in, shall we?

(I believe in the Legacy Parlance, this would be update 1.2- I have yet to crack the code of how true legacy numbering works.)

Everyone remembers Alizarin Polychrome, correct? Witness her with my better video card. Ooh, aah! Last time she ended up shacking up with the first man she met, though not for lack of trying. No other suitable candidates presented themselves!

Here is said man, the charming and debonair Austin Nakano. He was a gardening club rep, but now he's working on becoming an amazing stage magician.

I was inordinately pleased that Ali decided to make croissants with strawberry jam all on her own. They're red! :D

Maple is still doing fine, though technically being bad by sleeping on the furniture.

Austin and Alizarin converse over breakfast. She's really very happy he moved in with her.

Rowr! This townie will likely be stalked in the hopes of reaping his genetics for the future of the Legacy!

Maple follows Alizarin around a good deal. Even when she showers!

Ali doesn't need other (human) friends, as long as she has Maple!

Since Alizarin decided to cook red food on her own the first time, I decided she should *always* cook red food whenever possible.

At least she seems excited to eat her sweet & sour pork! (Also, damn you CC maker, for making that look so appetizing. I should not get hungry while playing my game...)

Since Austin is working nights, Ali and Maple spend quiet evenings in, reading and working on scratching things.

They always sleep together, though. (More than I can say for my ISBI sims...)

It's a bright new beautiful day! Will there be any sign of generation 2 this day?

Ali wakes up a little too cheerfully sometimes...

Austin: Excuse me, trying to use the can here...

Alizarin: Gooooood morning, Schmoopie!

He forgives her, of course, and they have a nice chat over their (red) breakfast.

Though... she looks a little distracted here...

Booyah! Ali has to run to the bathroom so fast, she practically levitates! It's BABY TIME!

Yes indeed, generation 2 is on its way!

The puking is particularly spectacular- after she'd finished, she had to do round two immediately.

Annnnd then she just walks away and leaves that toilet to rot...

Toilet: Uh, hey.... a little help here? I ain't got no arms or nothing!

Austin is a dear thing, and goes to clean the horrible toilet mess completely on his own.

Of course, he *did* manage to do THIS to the kitchen counter in the course of making his lunch. Obviously, he made something elaborate and very messy, right...?

Austin: Man, this liverwurst on toast is the best lunch ever! And so simple to slap together!

Okay, so he's just a filthy slob, then?

Alizarin goes straight for the toilet again once she gets home from work.

Toilet: D:

And we have our first baby pop, in the middle of the night!

Because I can, I force her to eat pickled herring and watermelon for breakfast. Well, I think it's funny, anyway.

Dance! Dance for me, my puppet! She eats it with gusto.

Once Ali is put on maternity leave, she spends her days lazing about the house in a cute sundress and playing with Maple. (Also her other clothes didn't have a pregnancy morph...)

Austin often stares out at the waves in a melancholy fashion when he gets home from work. I think he's worried about the future.

We have achieved third trimester!

Alizarin couldn't be happier. She has a pretty house, an adorable cat, a sweet man, and a healthy baby on the way! Life's pretty good.

Those ice cream cravings are pretty strong though...

Again, dear CC makers, now I want ice cream and I have none. This is monumentally unfair.

Austin makes some actual food, so that Ali and the baby will have some decent nutrition.

Turnabout is fair play, in my book.

Alizarin: Come on, Schmoopie, I've got to do #2, don't make this awkward...

Austin: Goooood morning, Honeybun!

Alizarin is now officially as big as a house.

And now she's a woman with a mission!

Alizarin: Schmoopie, I love you so much, will you...

Alizarin: ... marry me and be my Schmoopie forever?

Austin: OMG! YES!

Austin is kind of a girl sometimes. This is adorable!

They're very cute! And now their baby won't be illegitimate!

Alizarin: Okay, let's get this show on the road, before I pop this kid out!

Yep, they're getting married the same day as their proposal!

Hanging out on the front porch reading the paper in your undies as your wedding guests arrive? Super classy! It lets your guests know that you are chill and know how to have fun!

Like many real weddings I've been to, I have no idea who most of these people are.

Anyway, time for some wedding spam for their lovely beach wedding vows! (And let's pretend Alizarin's baby belly is just hidden by the voluminous folds of her very drapey dress...)

Annnd they're married! Welcome to the Polychromes, Austin! (Also, amazing that everyone sat and watched the ceremony, instead of peeing on the kitchen floor or trying to break the bathtubs...)

Austin, you may want to pay attention to your wife, she's loaded with cake and looking for trouble!

What did I tell you?

Well, she thought it was *hilarious*. Austin, not so much...

One of the wedding guests discovered the DJ booth and started jamming. Of course, only one girl started getting down... she must be one of the unmarried guests.

Austin and Alizarin have their first dance.

They start to boogie after a bit.

Some half-hearted smustling rounds out the dance portion of the evening's entertainment. On the side, you can see the cute alien-skin guy busting some serious moves. Or else he's just thrown his back out, one or the other.

Alizarin's starting to get a little ripe, so it's time to send the guests home. They had a GREAT time though! (Roof raiser! Yeah!)

Austin starts the clearing up process. Though, I am not sure where he's going with that cake...

Ah, of course, he's putting an entire wedding cake in the dishwasher. That must be one hell of a dishwasher! Unlike every single one I've ever had...

After a shower, Alizarin sits on the porch and basks in the glow of being legally married.

And they were married just in time! Just before dawn, Ali is up and screaming for attention!

Why yes, it's labor time, and right next to the bed. Austin is shocked and awed!

It's never pleasant.

One baby is born! It's a girl!

Welcome to Clementine, the first baby of Generation Orange! She has her father's eyes and a blend in between her mother's and father's skintone. I'm very excited by this, as it means my geneticized skins are working properly!

Austin is very excited to see his daughter!

But, he also has a bit of trouble coping with so many life-altering changes in such a short time, so he goes outside to build sandcastles as soon as it is light out.

That's all for now! I'm looking forward to playing some more with the Polychromes. I'm pretty much letting ACR/nature take its course, so we'll see if they have any other heir candidates. Thanks for reading and comments are love. <3


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Jan. 5th, 2011 09:52 am (UTC)
Did you make those skintones? Thay're beautiful. I also really like Alizarin's dress, it looks like it's from Hawaii.

I hate to think how their dishes are going to come out though, with all that splattered. baked-on, cake. LMAO!!!!
Jan. 5th, 2011 02:48 pm (UTC)
Oh, no, I'm all thumbs when it comes to making CC; I'm using the geneticized Enayla skins from over at Madame Mim's, plus a bunch of geneticized Pooklet skins to fill in the gaps. (I like crazy genetic diversity!) The most work I did was making sure I didn't have two skins in the same value, since that causes Very Bad Things.

And yeah, wtf at the cake in the dishwasher! XD
Jan. 6th, 2011 01:47 am (UTC)
Maybe he meant to put it in the freezer, but was soooo tired. ;o)
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