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So, if you've followed this LJ at all, you'd know already that I was doing a traditional "let's not cheat" Legacy Challenge before. My personal theme for said challenge was to name all the progeny after characters, places and things that appeared in the works of Edward Gorey, and thus, they were all supposed to be extremely gothic. I was doing my absolute best not to cheat, though I did use my usual mods simply because I couldn't be bothered to remove them from the Downloads folder before I played.

And then, my computer completely died, and I lost everything on my hard drive. Including all my Sims.

But now! My games are reinstalled! All my favorite custom content is reinstalled! And thus, I am restarting the Gorey Legacy! Not with the same founder, since remaking him would be no guarantee he'd have the same personality. No, instead, this iteration of the Gorey Legacy will start with his distant cousin, Epitwee Gorey!

(We will totally ignore the fact that I was so excited to be playing the Sims again, I completely forgot to set my screenshot resolution to the highest setting until I was in the middle of university. Thus, these first screenshots are pretty cruddy and awful. It's like starting all over from scratch, complete with n00b-ish mistakes!)

Anyway, here's our NEW founder:

Epitwee Gorey
LTW: Marry Off Six Children (Oy vey...)
Aquarius (it worked for dear departed Friedrich, and it works for me...)
Neat: 5; Outgoing: 6; Active: 4; Playful: 5; Nice: 5
Turn-Ons: red hair, witchiness; Turn-Off: blonde hair

Epitwee starts off in college, at Sim State University. She's pale, mean looking and rocks an Edgar Allen Poe t-shirt under a cardigan. What can I say, anything with the Gorey label needs to be a bit gothic, right?

Epitwee moves into a huge dorm and picks a room, since I cleverly forget that huge dorms and my computer just don't play well together.

She chooses the Physics major, since I have decided that her non-career based LTW means she's getting shoved into the Paranormal career!

Once her major is sorted, she has some pancakes in the caf. Which she eats, sullenly. She does a lot of things sullenly.

A bunch of dormies move in. I conveniently forget to write down or remember any of their names, except for the redhead girl, who is named Panda. I adore my naming mod!

Then this dormie turns vague and see-through, and I remember why my game hates large dorms. This glitch irritates me, so I force Epitwee to move. (I get it much less often in small dorms.) My hopes for a large dormie pool to choose a potential mate from are dashed!

Epitwee chooses a new room in the Landgraab dorm across the street.

Not only does Panda relocate to the new dorm, but this cutie moves in as well. Her name is Basira Gomez. The rest of the dormies are fairly unremarkable, except one of the male dormies is named Magnus Sexton. XD I have high hopes he and Epitwee will get along, since his name is AWESOME. (Of course, I am also half-hoping she and Basira will get along. Or Panda!)

Alas, she dislikes Magnus immediately.

Basira, in her new made-over state, chilling with Panda in the common room.

Basira wants to be friends! Epitwee isn't sure about this whole "friendship" thing yet.

Since there's slim pickings among the dormies, Epitwee heads to the campus park. And immediately shoves her head into a flower bed. A Secret Society member wanders by.

It looks like she is getting ready to kick Epitwee while she's down... -_-;

He has none of our founders turn-ons, but I like his hair!

Epitwee: OMG, I need to get my eyes checked, how did I miss seeing you here?!

Smooth, Epitwee. Real smooth.

And in the space of an instant, it's pitch black outside. But Epitwee likes Mohawk Man, as evidenced by the heart farts.

Nobody likes a streaker. Thank god it's too dark to see anything.

There's no action at the park, so our heroine heads off to the campus lounge.

Well, helllllooooo! Meet Hal Cooke. Despite his terrible bandanna, he is pretty nice looking. And, a red head! Bonus!

Epitwee scopes the room, and sure enough, Hal catches her eye! Even though the guy next to him is leaping into the air like a gazelle. Epitwee is not distracted by mere feats of athletic prowess.

Hal and Epitwee hang out and chat. They get along! She's certainly easier than Friedrich was.

She ends the evening by rocking out with an adorable girl. Of course, it stands to reason that when my female founder randomizes as straight, my game decides to throw a ton of cute girls into the mix.

After that vigorous day, Epitwee sleeps the sleep of the just.

Breakfast again, this time under the disapproving eye of the cafeteria lady.

Epitwee bonds with Basira with synchronized assignment completion.

Fortunately, she's a Knowledge Sim, so she's not too upset about doing schoolwork.

Perhaps I spoke too soon... she does seem troubled.

The cow shows up, and immediately makes an enemy for life. Epitwee does not have time for those shenanigans!

She goes on the attack!

And gets a hoof in the face for her trouble! Those cows are so annoying!

D: Angry Epitwee is a little terrifying. If she could kill that cow with the power of her mind? She so would...

Hal comes over in the dead of night to express his attraction.

And he's totally crushing!

Since Hal is on the lot, he gets made over before he takes off. And thus, he loses that infernal bandanna!

College is all about the skilling to get the good grades.

Our Epitwee is a classy lady!

Epitwee: Good lord, I totally reek!
Dormies: WE KNOW!

She really wanted to ask Hal on a date, so she was allowed. Never let it be said that I am not a benevolent SimGod.

Pardon her boarding house reach...

I actually think it's very cute when the Sims bonk noses when going in for the smooch interaction. It's adorable!

Well, these two are getting on famously. My work here is done. Baby-making target acquired.

They both wanted to perform public woohoo, so into the photobooth they went.

Epitwee was somewhat discombobulated by the experience. She's got crazy eyes!

And thus, separated by a room full of people after performing lewd acts in public, Epitwee and Hal fall in love. How romantic!

Epitwee makes a point to greet the Countess. I've never had a vampire Sim yet, so I am laying the groundwork.

And the next morning brings the dawn of a new day- and an increased snapshot size! Hooray!

I still can't believe I forgot to change the snapshot size in-game until Epitwee was well into college. Yeesh. -_-;

And thus, the first part of college begins!


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Jan. 5th, 2010 04:05 pm (UTC)
I just reinstalled all my Sim stuff after my own personal Crash Disaster '09. But do I want to do the Legacy thing? Again? Oh, your teeny screenshots tempt me so!
Jan. 6th, 2010 02:53 am (UTC)
That's me, always with the tempting! (And they are teeny screenshots, aren't they? So painfully teeny!)

I'm hoping I can get past generation 3 or 4 without some kind of massive computer issue throwing a monkey wrench into the works again. :D
Jan. 12th, 2010 05:13 pm (UTC)
Are Epitwee's eyes gray or amber? It's hard to tell…
Jan. 13th, 2010 01:59 am (UTC)
They are an incredibly pale green. I love green eyes, and wish I had them myself, so a lot of my Sims get green eyes. ^_^;
Mar. 13th, 2014 08:00 pm (UTC)
Still sims of yayness!
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