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Missed a few weeks when I could update from having a trip out of town, and then had to scrub my computer clean to get rid of a trojan. But now all is well again, and I can Sim it up. (Also, I have a cold, so I am resting.)

Last time, Epitwee Gorey finished college and moved into her rather dismal tiny legacy cottage. The house is on a lot of land though, so she can expand the house if need be eventually.

Epitwee invites her college fiance Hal Cooke to come and live with her.

Hal is perturbed by the changes raging through his body.

He ages up into an incredibly boring outfit! Well, he is a Knowledge Sim.

He makes a beeline for the computer, where he is directed to find a job. What luck, the Journalism career is up for grabs! He wants to become a Media Magnate.

Insert incredibly trite and overused legacy joke here about egg fertilization.

They both make very interesting faces when they converse at the dinner table.

Finally, a post makeover shot of Hal. He cleans up well, I think. Also, he wears a Dalek shirt, because he is a nerd. :D

They have two bolts with each other, so they are often autonomously romantic. This is *before* I got the Autonomous Casual Romance hack.

Hal's workout wear is apparently ballet leotards. I find this incredibly amusing.

Like many young couples just starting out, they eat a lot of macaroni and cheese.

Flirting, again. On their own.

And the next day dawns with Epitwee rising early to head out to her temp job in the Science career. (The Paranormal career track wasn't up yet...)

And off she goes. In the most hideous work outfit ever!

Random townies who walked by the house. Hooray for clean neighborhood templates and SpookyMuffin's default face replacement templates! And, the pretty geneticized Enayla/Pooklet/Pyxis eyes I installed!

Here is where I installed the ACR hack. I was as shocked as Hal was to find Epitwee sitting on the sofa completely starkers!

He wasn't shocked for long! (I, however, was still shocked that they could use the living room sofa in such a scandalous fashion. Who knows where that couch has been?! Look at it!)

They were awfully happy afterwards though. And the lullaby chime played also. Go, go Risky Woohoo!

I don't know if it's just how his features are arranged, but it often looks like Hal is gazing at Epitwee adoringly.

Autonomous caress! And wonder of wonders, it isn't rejected!

In case I had any doubts about the efficacy of Hal's swimmers, Epitwee is puking within hours.

Also, please to note, they now have tile and flooring in the whole house. This is due to both of them working. (Epitwee finally got her job in the Paranormal career.)

Epitwee is enveloped in a giant cloud of stink.

This would be because she cannot stop barfing. Yes, Twee, I think you might be knocked up.

Needless to say, it was time for a wedding before she was too big to get into her antique formal gown.

I found it amusing that Hal's default formal wear was a very mod suit. Sure, why not?

In the middle of their vows, the skies opened and it began pouring rain.

They invited mostly Epitwee's friends from her college dorm. They applauded from a safe distance.

Soggy cake is still cake!

The skies cleared up just in time for a romantic dance in the sunset. Despite the rain, and Epitwee racing to puke multiple times during her wedding, they got a great wedding score!

Just in time, too, as Twee immediately popped as soon as she got ready for bed.

Those pregnancy cravings can get ya at the weirdest times, though.

The young couple finally make enough money to get siding put on the house.

Hal is an attentive father-in-waiting. Even if Epitwee's usual pajamas don't have a pregnancy morph.

And third trimester achieved!

Twee spends her time taking it easy.

Have I mentioned how much I love SpookyMuffin's lighting mod also?

Epitwee is having a tough pregnancy. She managed to get to the bathroom, but failed to pee in the toilet.

Even a shower cannot wash away her shame!

Yet another reasonably attractive townie. There's hope for future generations to not look like Quasimodo.

Living room labor! I am surprised that Twee didn't attempt to give birth in the smallest room in the house.

The usual screaming and labored breathing ensue...

It's a boy! He is christened Quentin, following my naming theme of choosing names from the works of Edward Gorey.

He appears to have all of his mother's genetics. Skin, hair color and eyes.

Hal is very pleased to have a child! Even if it looks nothing like him yet.

That's all for this episode. I hope to get to update some more next week. Since I've had this cold/sinus problem/flu thingie I've been knocked out with, I've not had much time to play. But I'm taking it easy on my day off today, so hopefully I can get some more done. Thanks for reading!


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Mar. 13th, 2014 08:36 pm (UTC)
I was not much thrilled by him until you got him the Dalek tshirt. He just seemed too ephemeral.
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