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The Gorey Legacy Mark II Part 5: Twins

When we last left the Goreys, Quentin had grown up well and was now a child. He was pretty happy about the whole affair.

He has all his mother's genetics. I'll post his full stats when he hits his teen years.

Epitwee and Hal have their hands full with the twins, Celia and Thump.

Hal is rather neat. He autonomously cleans things, which must have been what attracted Twee in the first place.

Quentin also cleans autonomously. He also seems to enjoy cleaning! High neat points on this kid.

Obviously, they got another dining room table. They also eat a *lot* of pancakes in this family. Mmmm, pancakes.

Twee is still working on that lifetime want, so there's lots of baby-making going on.

Quentin has the decency to go and play outside while his parents do the nasty.

Even if he fails to catch butterflies. Aw, it's okay, Quentin.

Attempt number two. Epitwee is Family/Knowledge, and Hal is Knowledge/Family. Knowledge Sims seem to have a lower rate for conception, even with ACR's Risky Woohoo enabled. Odd.

Quentin at least can entertain himself. He watches the Weather Channel constantly. Strange kid!

I have no idea who this townie is, or why she's pissed off enough to kick over their trash can! Bitch, GTFO! D:

Quentin does have a bed. I just wanted to point that out- there's no reason for him to sleep on the cruddy sofa!

Hal continues the Sim tradition of feeding a baby when it's stinky, instead of changing it. Thanks, Hal. -_-;

But then he bathes said baby! There's hope for you yet, sir! (And tragically, when they are infants, I can't tell the babies apart. Yikes.)

Get used to seeing this interaction. There's a lot of "dance together" going on in this family.

Not much else of interest happens before it's time for the twins to become toddlers! Hal flings Celia into the air!

Celia is delighted to be a toddler!

Epitwee does the honors for Thump!

The twins are toddlers; clearly it is time to attempt pregnancy again.

Even though Celia is in the room. O_o She is an adorable tot, though! (Please to be ignoring the walls-down in the background...)

Celia is obsessed with Epitwee and follows her everywhere. Witness also the new, in progress kitchen/dining area.

They've finally become slightly more financially solvent, so they hire a nanny.

At least this nanny has the decency to go outside before she wets herself....?

Quentin returns from his first day at school!

He brings home a little girl who is clearly colorblind. Her name is Xiang. I love the naming mod I use!

Hal bathes Celia, since the nanny is made of fail and doesn't change her enough.

Meanwhile, Thump is asleep IN the dog bed. He passed out there, poor thing.

Does the nanny put him in bed? Oh no, she just keeps trying to give him bottles. Thanks for nothing, lady!

Alas, the minor expansions of the house drained their bank accounts, so the nanny stole a kitchen counter to pay for her services, lame as they are.

Epitwee felt ill at breakfast the next day...

Sure enough, she was pregnant again. Checking with the Sim Blender, she was carrying twins. AGAIN.

Epitwee: Um, excuse me....?

Epitwee: Being pregnant is TOTALLY NOT FUN!!!11!

But Twee, you're the one who wants six kids!

And, we have the first trimester pop! Complete with the return of the hideous orange jammies.

The second batch of twins is hard on Epitwee. Housework gets completely neglected, leading Quentin to have to eat leftover soup at a table arrayed in filth.

Dog beds continue to be the order of the day for toddler sleeping. And hey, you can almost see Thump's face in this shot!

Epitwee and Hal are exhausted between work, toddlers, a child and pregnancy.

Quentin takes it upon himself to help out and cleans the kitchen. Thanks, Quentin!

I lose track of the days, and am surprised when Thump grows up into a child. He grows up badly, since he has low motives and never learned a single toddler skill. -_-;

Still, he's excited that he can now feed, wash and clothe himself!

Unfortunately, he also wets himself immediately after growing up.

Celia: WTF, is someone peeing right next to me?!

One last glimpse of Toddler!Celia.

Celia LEAPS into childhood!

She is likewise delighted to be big enough to tend to her own needs. Even though she also grew up badly, and learned nothing as a toddler.

It's an exciting night; Epitwee wakes from a sound sleep to have her second baby pop.


An upstairs room is hastily built so Celia can have a bedroom. Twee christens it with pee. -_-;

Finally, a decent picture of Thump's face. He is a cute kid!

After the crazy events of the evening, everyone is exhausted. Quentin goes to sleep in his bed...

Celia goes upstairs to sleep in *her* bed, in her unfinished bedroom...

Annnnnd, Thump just decides to pass out on the couch. YOU HAVE A BED, CHILD.

Later, in the wee hours of the morning, Celia wakes up and decides to pet the local wolf.

Of course, the wolf then comes inside the house, and Celia rubs its belly. That seems dangerous! D:

Not as dangerous as the onset of labor in the next room!

That's all for now! Tune in next time to see what the next set of twins will be like! Will they get *any* of Hal's genetic material, or will Epitwee's powerful DNA continue to dominate the children?

As always, thanks for reading!


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Apr. 27th, 2010 02:37 pm (UTC)
No baby I know will even TRY to eat while it's stinky. But then, Sim-babies probably aren't meant to be 100% accurate. ;p
Apr. 29th, 2010 03:12 pm (UTC)
The Sim-babies generally get fussy instead of eating quietly when they're super stinky, so there is some realism! XD I think I just managed to catch the picture when he first stuffed the bottle in the kid's mouth!
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