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Last time, the twins Louise and Ortenzia were born, and grew up out of their larval stage into the toddler stage. Our founder, Epitwee, got pregnant again on the sly (without me even noticing!) which will help in her LTW to marry off six children. Her husband Hal continued in his Journalism career. Celia was a giant bratling, which at least made her more interesting that her brothers Quentin and Thump, who were dull as dishwater. Now you're all caught up!

We start this update with Celia looking confused while using her EZ-Bake Oven. This does not bode well...

And I was right! Celia will also get to enjoy the deliciously crisped taste of fail.

She is a dainty flower, ain't she?

When she's not destroying the bakery equipment or belching like a 50 year old drunkard, she spends her time painting. I almost typed "paining". Ow.


And Louise. Dog beds continue to be the best thing ever for twin toddlers.

Even after five children (and one in the oven), Hal still believes Epitwee is his dream girl.

Celia and Thump continue to get along famously. They play together all the time, to the exclusion of other children in the neighborhood. Celia is a snob, I think.

Hal teaches Louise to walk. He is a fairly doting dad.

Hal's OTH is Tinkering, and thus his mechanical skill is very high. He fixes everything around the house that breaks.

Thump brings home his first A+ report card. Hal, being a Knowledge Sim, is DELIGHTED.

Celia is also an A+ student! Could Hal's day get any better?! I think not!

Quentin is accosted in the bathroom by the Games Master. Who apparently has a nose like a ski jump.

Epitwee achieves critical mass. She is ready for the final countdown to baby-time.

How cute is the "play peek-a-boo" interaction?! SUPER CUTE.

That Celia did it autonomously with Ortenzia?! EXTRA SUPER CUTE!

Epitwee is late to the "cheering for A+ report cards" party. Oh well, better late than never.

You can't tell in the picture, but Hal achieved another promotion. He makes more money now, so hopefully they won't hover too low on the poverty line. (He finds successful women a turn-off, so Epitwee is stalled in her career. Hal is kind of annoyingly old fashioned. He also likes great cooks. Hm. Way to set feminism back, Hal.)

Despite his dullness, Quentin is useful. Especially for teaching baby sisters to talk.

OH GOD, LABOR! Don't fret Twee, you've been through it multiple times before.

The family gathers to witness the birth of the littlest Gorey! Thump is clearly praying it's not another sister.

And voila, it's a girl. Epitwee's genetics all over again. We'll have to see if she's a clone later. Following the Edward Gorey Naming Scheme I'm using, she is given the name Maud.

Hal is overcome with a wave of fatherly feelings, and thus has to fling Ortenzia into the light fixture a few times.

A close up of little Maud. Yep, that's Epitwee all over.

Oh hai, random woman who walks right into a child's upstairs bedroom, that's not invasive or weird at all...

Oh, she's the Arts & Crafts Master. Celia is apparently a totally bitchin' artist now. Child prodigy.

Quentin brings Sandra Dee home from school with him. (Note: her name isn't really Sandra Dee, she just looks like it should be.)

He's not really feeling her though. She has none of his turn-ons. Guess you guys will have to actually work on your social studies project, instead of trying to make out behind the house.

Thump and Celia, playing again. You'll note there are very few pictures of Thump, unless he's with Celia. This is because he's so boring, he is only rendered interesting by his sister's presence. Alas, poor Thump!

Louise learned to walk. And is adorable, evil eyebrows and all.

She follows her older siblings around everywhere now. Just like a real toddler!

Hal teaches Ortenzia how to walk.

Quentin teaches Louise how to talk. These kids are fiends for learning!

Awwww, how cute is that?!

Ortenzia is now upwardly mobile! Well, able to be mobile while upright.

Quentin really wants his first kiss, but Sandra Dee isn't really having it. What can you do, she's lousy with virginity.

One, this is the smallest bathroom in the house. Two, I refer to it as "Darkness Bathroom", because the lamps I put in apparently were bugged (thanks, Maxis!) and didn't give off any actual light. (Which, with dark walls, makes it pretty damn dark.) Of course, this is the best place for everyone to dance together!

Ortenzia is now fully operational!

Epitwee: We have GOT to get some better lamps in here...

Of course, dangling your toddler directly over a ceramic tile floor is the best plan ever. Way to parent, Twee.

The nanny is often there, but doesn't do much. This includes taking care of the kids. That is no doubt the reason this picture was taken, I was so surprised that she was interacting with a child.

Ortenzia is always Very Serious when she is relieving herself.

Only blondes ever follow Quentin home from school! He prefers red-heads!

Louise is now also fully operational!

Darkness Bathroom continues to be dark.

You can't blame Quentin for trying. He's at least attempting to get to know these blonde bimbos in an effort to get that elusive first kiss.

Hal does this every time he gets home from work.

Random Townie Girl: *ignores*

Hal: Wait... where did you two come from? You can't be *my* kids, my kids are all fishbelly pale.

Random Townie Girl: Don't mind us, Mister, we just came in to watch the game. We don't have TVs at our houses.

I am terrible at paying attention to the in game clock. Ortenzia leaps into childhood without the benefit of a cake!

Even she is surprised and confused by this state of affairs!

Celia is next on the Unplanned Birthday Junket...

She's even cuter as a teen!

But she's still our classy Celia, she farts immediately after growing up.

Thump was upstairs being dull when the sparkles came...

Oh, wow.... O_o

Thump: Oh my god, what am I wearing?! This is awful!

And on the final round of UBJ: Louise! Who is thrilled to still have the use of her hands!

Serious Louise is Serious.

Epitwee gets home from work in the wee hours, and senses something has changed inside...

Celia! That is not appropriate sleepwear! Go change! (Also, who sleeps in a brassiere? An *underwire* brassiere? How uncomfortable! I Wardrobe Wrangled almost all of the lingerie out of the sleepwear category after this play session...)

Next morning, post makeover shot of Ortenzia. She's odd and cute. I like her little pixie-ish head.

Celia finally puts on some decent pajamas. Juicy Couture, since she rolled Fortune as her aspiration.

And here is post makeover Celia. OMG, she's GAAAAWWWJUSSSS! (Seriously, she's incredibly pretty. This combined with her "classy" demeanor is putting her ahead of the boys in the heir poll already. Closely followed by Ortenzia, who is just quirky. Louise's serious face and evil eyebrows are also giving her an edge.)

Best way to celebrate a big night of unplanned birthdays? Pancakes for breakfast! This family loves them some pancakes. They roll wants for them constantly.

Why an elderly Regency gentleman with ice elemental skin is in this neighborhood, I couldn't tell you. He does seem to disapprove of sports though.

And finally, a post makeover shot of Thump to end on. He's actually very handsome, with none of the quirkiness of Quentin's facial structure. And he dresses punk and has lots of piercings in a desperate attempt to make himself more interesting. He rolled Knowledge though, so we all know it's a massive front.

That's all for now. As always, thank you so much for reading, I really appreciate it! Comments are also always appreciated. More to come, since I've been playing ahead. (And good god, getting six teens into college is the definition of Not Fun. Stupid Maud, making things take forever...)

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