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You know, someday I will understand how other people number their legacy posts, that whole 1.5, 4.8, 6.3, etc. system really just confuses me. (Can anyone explain it? I am poor with numbers...)

Last time, Maud was born, Celia and Thump became teens, Louise and Ortenzia became children, and precisely half of the children were incredibly dull. (It's not really Maud's fault though, being an infant.)

Starting off, Hal and Epitwee are still very much in love. And, their love is apparently a source of great delight to Ortenzia.

About all Thump is good for, aside from being attractive, is cleaning. He obsessively cleans everything in the house.

Ortenzia's winter things have DINOSAURS on the back! This is because she's quirky and awesome!

Quentin finally meets a redhead! Her name is Xiang Moreno, and I'm pretty sure they initially met when they were children.

The fact that they became Best Friends super quickly pretty much confirms my suspicion that they knew each other as children.

Finally a girl he finds hot! Quentin, you are a teenage boy. There was no call for you to be so incredibly picky.

She's totally crushing...

Meanwhile, in the background, Ortenzia is pontificating about robots and/or spacemen. Oh, Ortenzia, you are an adorable oddball.

And finally, Quentin's first kiss is achieved!

Maud does Not Approve of this bullshit! (By which I mean the swing that she is stuck in most of the time...)

Random reasonably attractive townie... with PINK eyes. I think there are eyedrops for that...

Celia takes it upon herself to tend to Maud a lot of the time. She's a good big sister, very non-Fortune-like.

She even attempts to help Maud with her birthday! (She fails though, Maud is a glitchy baby...)

Just a nice family dinner... of something other than pancakes for once.

The excitement of the day was clearly too much for Quentin, who passed out in his chili. You'll note the distinct look of concern on Hal's face...

Celia knows she is totally bitchin'.

Twee paying attention to Maud- rare, since Maud is the sixth kid, and by this time Epitwee is pretty much tired all the damn time.

Apparently, it takes a mom's touch to make a birthday go right!

And Maud achieves toddler-hood in the typical spray of confetti!

She's immediately active, no doubt because she doesn't want to be stuck in that damnable swing again.

There. Are. Two. Bathrooms. In. This. House! You can't all use the same one for your morning ablutions! DX

Ahhhh, but PANCAKES make everything better! Delicious pancakes!

Maud conveniently became a toddler on the weekend, so everyone was home to tend to her learning of skills. Thump helped her learn to use the toilet.

Quentin continued to be dull. He watched the Weather Channel for hours. HOURS.

Hal: Wow, that's some stink cloud, honey!

Twee ruins everyone else's breakfast by farting on it. -_-;

Once she's gone, the sisters bond.

Ortenzia immediately runs outside to play on the new jungle gym. In her nightie, naturally, because she likes to roll like that.

She's followed by Louise, who isn't nearly as excited about their new toy. Serious Louise is still serious.

Quentin takes a turn with Maud-watching.

Twee skills, Maud skills. It's a pretty skill-er-iffic day.

Louise and Ortenzia play together quite a bit. I think it's nice when siblings like each other.

Celia is being a typical angst-y teen.

Thump is trying to convince himself that he's cool and awesome. Instead of a bit finicky and boring.

Louise's One True Hobby is Nature, so she likes to try to catch bugs. In the background, we witness a creeper, trying to catch a glimpse of Louise. Do Not Want, Baldy Dude!

Louise is Not Good at catching bugs.

Being chased and tormented by bugs? Yes. Catching them? Not so much.

Celia is a pretty awesome big sister. She is really sweet to all the younger kids.

Celia has shown no interest in boys, so finally when this girl comes home from school with Thump, I make sure Celia chats her up. She's got potential under that caked on clown makeup...

I am proven right, this gal is cute. Meet Matilda Bengtsson!

Matilda and Celia have a serious hanging out session in the living room and become friends in no time flat. Thump tries to stay in on the action, but alas, he can't compete with his dazzling sister!

Matilda is SMITTEN with Celia! THEY HAVE THREE BOLTS. D: I've never had a three-bolt pair in my game before!

Celia thinks Matilda is pretty dang awesome too. And those three bolts? I don't understand them, since Celia likes blonde hair and makeup.

Meanwhile, this townie gal walked by, and Thump dashed to meet her in a desperate bid to try to keep up with his twin in the girl department. She does have a hat, which is something he fancies.

Thump tries way too hard, and Heather (as that is Hat Girl's name) is completely turned off. She disses him hard!

Thump: OMG, I'm going to die alone and unloved! My life is OVER!

Hal gets another promotion. He looks particularly pleased about it.

Ortenzia forgets she has a bed. More likely, she just couldn't be bothered to go upstairs to get to it, since she's always doing *something*. Lots of energy in this kid.

Oh Hal, I love that you love to fix things. Also, I love that you are good at it, and don't electrocute yourself.

Celia is potty training Maud in Darkness Bathroom. Hence, the overwhelming darkness.

Celia: We have GOT to get some better lamps in here!

Apparently, Louise isn't having any fun. So she has a minor flipout.

When Louise is miserable, she really looks pretty miserable. Poor kid.

Wait, what's this?! Serious Louise, playing in the bathtub? :D You go, Louise.

Thump runs into this cutie outside. SHE HAS A HAT. Don't screw it up with your lack of a personality, Thump!

Meanwhile, in the background, Celia and Matilda are very happy to see each other again.

I promise you, this was their first kiss. Oh, ACR, you devil you!

Annnnd they're both totally crushing.

Hat Girl #2 is named Renee. And she thinks Thump is the bomb!!!

Considering she dresses like a soccer mom, perhaps she just really likes boring things...?

Renee is apparently shy. Thump is fairly outgoing, so I don't know why he looks so shy here...

First kiss achieved for Thump! Ah, the foundations for Epitwee's lifetime want are being laid...

Quentin: LOL, you totally finally scored, little bro! I'm gonna git ya! Gonna git ya!

Thump: GAWWW, Quentin, stop it, you're totally gonna make me pee my pants! Not in front of Renee, GAWWWW!

Random Homely Townie: Are there teenage lesbians making out behind me?! That's totally suh-WEET!

Fortunately, Quentin was unable to dim Renee's interest in Thump by embarrassing him in front of her. Which is good for Thump, really, as he doesn't have a lot of other prospects.

And that's all for now! The teens all each have a regular crush that they are interested in, Louise and Ortenzia are having a fairly idyllic childhood so far, and Maud is being taught her toddler skills, albeit mostly off camera. Thanks so much for reading, I always appreciate it.