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Finally, a bit of free time to update! I've been prevented from Simming for ages both due to work and because my computer decided my power supply was insufficient for my new video card. So, I've been trying not to overtax it while I wait for my new components to come in. And having used the new video card, going back to the on-board video card is like torture. Yes, yes, first world problems. Anyway! Time for Goreys!

Last time, Maud was born and became a toddler. Quentin, Celia and Thump all managed to snag teenage girlfriends. Epitwee and Hal continued to be in love.

It is the middle of the night, so of course when Hal and Twee get home from work, their children are still awake and playing outside. In the snow. Also, they need outdoor lighting like whoa.

Louise makes snow angels instead of going to bed. Meanwhile the penguin chats up the snowman.

Twee brought Hot Redhead Townie home from work with her- HRT has a name, which is Urania Dexter.

Epitwee: My husband is so hot, you have no idea!

Urania: Your husband IS so hot! :D

Me: D: Step off, lady!

Quentin reads to Ortenzia, who is seriously just TRYING to SLEEP.

He also tucks her in, which is actually kind of sweet.

Speaking of sweet, Hal cuddles Maud frequently.

Maud gets totally potty-trained! Hooray!

Serious Louise is really not so serious anymore... she's constantly playing in the tub!

Maud DOES NOT WANT to play peek-a-boo! She seriously looks terrified every time.

The penguin is back. Even though the snowman is melted.

Oops! Maud grows up into a child! Even she looks surprised! (I am terribly bad about realizing what day birthdays fall on....)

Um, Celia, your mom is trying to watch the news. Could you jump on the couch later maybe...?

Maud, post makeover. She's a cute, if serious looking child. (Hard to tell if she's a clone of Celia or the other girls yet...)

Hmm.... Epitwee is home awfully early from work.

Epitwee: HEY EVERYBODY! I got demoted! Whoooooo!

Aww, the reality of it sinks in. Don't cry, Twee, Hal thinks you're sexier the less successful you are.

Quentin is a pretty devoted teenage boyfriend. He calls Xiang a good deal.

I'm very sorry Incongruously Studded Boy who followed someone home from school, Celia is a lesbian.

Xiang stops by to visit Quentin. She is actually quite pretty.

I was so excited to see this townie walk by, as he was the first to generate using Pooklet's Freckly-As-Fuck skins. :D Also, phwoar, he's GAW-juss, to quote Little Britain. Hilariously, his name is Azarias Wang. XD I am apparently easily amused.

Random Teenager: Mrs. Gorey, you sure are attractive for a woman of your advanced age!

Epitwee: For one thing, it's "MS. Gorey", and for another, what do you mean by "advanced age"?!

Ortenzia: Mom! Mom! Mom! Check it out! Mom!

What the hell, Xiang, why the stink-eye?!

Okay, I'd be making that face too if an elderly nanny was hitting on my teenage boyfriend. Carry on!

This charming child came home with Maud. She literally started rubbing her hands together like a villain in a melodrama the minute she got off the bus. Somehow I don't see them getting along....

Maud is not having ANY fun. Go play with your schoolmate, honey.

Maud: Are you crazy, can't you see she's pure evil?!

Point taken...

The nanny stops perving on Quentin long enough to play with Maud. Why Maud is wearing a medieval dress for her winter things, I do not know. Perhaps she is a Rennie and it's her garb.

!!!!! Maud slid down the banister! I'd *never* seen a Sim do this before!

Once the children get A+ grades, they tend to ignore their homework. You will note the piles of it all over this picture.

Quentin calls up the college and takes off for university. His mom and three youngest sisters see him off.

And off he goes... completely ignored by his father!

Hal can't resist Maud, though! Well, she is the baby of the family.

These two immediately went to Try For Baby the minute Quentin was out of the house. I was relieved to see it was not successful!

Thump is desperate for attention from his family, so he attempts to make dinner. I say "attempts" because seriously, who burns spaghetti and meatballs?

Celia finishes painting the heir portrait of her mother.

Now that Louise is Not Serious, she is like a little monkey. Always jumping on beds, tearing around the house, etc. CALM DOWN, CHILD. The social worker will come and take you away! D:

Annnnnd, I lose track of days again. Hal gets a surprise in the kitchen!

He looks less than thrilled that the disco sparkles have come for him.

To be fair, I don't think anyone likes getting old. Which Hal now is...

He's still pretty good looking for an old codger, though!

They finally have enough money to decorate their bedroom. Now that Hal is old and decrepit, he needs more comfort and style in his life.

And here's Hal, post makeover. Yes, he's wearing a bow tie.

Hal: Bow ties are cool!

That's all for this update. Not that big, or really that exciting. Next update, we finally get into the screenies I took using my new video card. (Yes, the one that makes my computer overheat and freak out- I can't believe I'm upgrading components simply to have better video performance...)


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Aug. 15th, 2010 01:51 am (UTC)
They can slide down banisters? O_O
Aug. 15th, 2010 04:39 pm (UTC)
I think that feature came in Apartment Life...? Maybe Mansions and Gardens...? I had never seen it before!
Aug. 15th, 2010 05:09 pm (UTC)
Well, damn. I don't have either one of those so I'm never going to see it.
Aug. 15th, 2010 09:06 pm (UTC)
I only have them because of the charity of a friend, so I can totally understand. Why must expansions be so expensive?!
Mar. 13th, 2014 09:27 pm (UTC)
I love that print on the wall with the funeral carriage! Want!
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