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Oh, computer woes, how you vex and confound me. This update actually uses pics taken with my shiny new video card- and oh, it's so shiny and nice. However, it also has massive power needs. And tragically, my current computer power supply is Insufficient (as in, it overheats and wants to destroy everything). So, I've had to remove the Shiny New Video Card and haven't gotten to buy a replacement power supply yet. This has put a crimp in my Sims playing, as it's just hard to go back to onboard video. Add in that one of my beloved cats has been diagnosed with diabetes *and* a brain tumor, and I've been slightly broke and distracted. (My cats are very precious to me, so I spent a good deal on treatment for my kitty-- which just pushes my new power supply further away. But I'm happy my cat is still with us for a while longer.)

ANYWAY. Goreys. Sims. Gothiness. Let's get to that before I get too emo.

Thump is the first one to wake up this play session, so he is the first screen-cap victim.

Epitwee still loves Hal, even though he is OLD now.

Test shot of Celia, using the new video card. The differences are small, but there. ^_^

Ortenzia, in her quasi-Victorian nightie.

Twee has a 1000-yard stare when she first wakes up. As do I, usually.

Louise's hobby is nature, and so she is delighted when she's directed to go tend their lone apple tree.

She also likes catching bugs, and finally manages to not fail at it.

It's birthday time! Time for the sparkly butt dance for Louise!

Louise is still quite cute, and still retains her rather serious look.

It's Ortenzia's turn.

Ortenzia: I wish to grow up smoking hot!

Ortenzia sparkles and jumps into her next age stage!

Ortenzia: Whoa! I am a total fox!

Um, how about no? I'm all for teenage rebellion, but I'm just not comfortable with a teenager slutting around in five inch heels, fishnets and a tutu. That's asking for trouble!

Ortenzia maintains her pixie-ish looks as a teen.

Louise rolls the Romance aspiration, and wants to become a Rock God(dess) when she grows up. Her makeover is very romantic and vintage-y.

Ortenzia rolls the Pleasure aspiration, which should surprise no one. She wants to be a Celebrity Chef when she grows up, and her makeover is in keeping with her quirky personality. I totally forgot to write down their turn ons. Oops.

Louise and Celia, hanging out in their room. Dear old Dad there wants to congratulate Louise on growing up well, but is sadly ignored.

Hal: Don't mind me, I'll just go sit alone in a darkened room, silently, out of the way...

Celia: Guh, Dad, don't be so dramatic!

Pillow fights, the best way to celebrate becoming a teenager.

Hal: You still love Daddy, don't you Maud? You're my best girl, yes, you are! You won't abandon ol'Dad...

Maud: Dad, you're scaring me a little...

It's time for Celia to hit college and join Quentin there. Everyone sees her off.

Off she goes, breaking her own neck in the process and cutting her own cheek with her hair!

It's Thump's turn next, and though everyone is still gathered, no one seems to really care. Poor Thump.

Epitwee can't believe she has three kids in college now. Age, it creeps up on us all.

She bonds with her remaining daughters over hamburgers, under the watchful eyes of the nanny.

They've finally made enough money to expand and remodel their home a little more, so they get a full upstairs with another bathroom. Picspam to follow.

The upstairs bathroom, with adorable crab wallpaper. Also, bonus showering elderly Hal.

The master bedroom is moved upstairs and given a slight makeover.

The girls' bedroom is expanded and rearranged a tad. It's also pitch black because Ortenzia insisted on going to bed at 7 pm at night, the weirdo.

The room downstairs that was the master bedroom is now the study/den. Louise helpfully tests the room out for everyone.

Twee really does not mind at all that Hal is old. It's actually quite cute.

Maud tests out the new bathroom by playing in the tub. Go Maud!

Honestly, these two seem more in love now than when they were young. Maybe Hal is trying to get as much in as possible in his last years on earth...

Ortenzia is a prankster. She ventrilo-farted this random reasonably attractive townie.

He TOTALLY over reacts! Who threatens an adorable teenage girl?! What the hell, dude?!

Maud receives a womrat. I totally forget what I named it. -_-;

Such interesting townies walking by the house!

Louise surprises me by preparing a meal. The fact that she burned it was NOT a surprise.

Louise also TOTALLY LOVES the womrat. She seriously adores it!

It's the Return of Azarias Wang! He's looking imperious as all get out here.

Since Louise is a Romance Sim, and Azarias is hot as hell, I send her out to meet him. It's then we discover that Azarias Wang is a GIANT jerk, and he is totally rude to her!

The den gets a workout, between the painting, the computing and the homework helping. Also, why there are fireflies indoors, I have no idea.

Twee manages to burn dinner, even though she has mega cooking points by now...

Firefighters are dispatched right away! The fire gets put out before there's too much damage done to the kitchen.

Well, at least she's not going to waste food. Even though that turkey is looking pretty blackened.

Fortunately, Hal knows the cure for all of Twee's ills. Yep, you guessed it, woohoo.

She's still thinking about how he rocked her world the next morning over breakfast.

This poorly dressed teen followed the girls home from school. Louise figures she might as well try to get to know him, since she really wants to be kissed. She's very romantic. If they had a garret room for her to sit in eating apples and reading Wuthering Heights, she'd be so there all the time.

Alas, he is not interested.

Urania manages to corner Hal in the bathroom to swoon over him. He seems non-plussed. Also, he's happily married with six children. You might be barking up the wrong tree, Urania.

Louise is disappointed about striking out with Vesty Lad, so she drowns her sorrows in the tub.

Commence cute Louise picspam NOW:

And now, we know what takes teenage girls so long in the bathroom! Endless hours of dicking around!

At least she has her womrat to hug and kiss.

Maud: Ahem, it's actually MY womrat!

Wait, what's this? Vesty Lad is interested in Ortenzia? And because she has black hair? Um, has he SEEN Louise?

Ortenzia knows it's just cause she is that much more awesome than her twin.

First kiss achieved for Ortenzia! Alas, I have no idea what Vesty Lad's name is, as I didn't write it down. My record keeping for this play session was Badly Done.

Maud: OW! I'm sparkling here!

Voila, Maud has become a teen!

Oh, she's very cute.

Similar profiles on all these girls; Epitwee is a pretty strong genetic template apparently.

Post-makeover Maud is very cute! Her aspiration is Family, and she wants to become the Minister of Education when she grows up.

The whole time Maud was having her birthday, Louise was outside tending the apple tree. Hopefully, not imagining her sister's limbs being pruned, what with the stealing of her first kiss...

Hal gets home and announces a promotion! This is great news, since he now has three more daughters to send to college!

Louise is the first to call and depart. Everyone sees her off. Even Vesty Lad, who she studiously ignores.

Ortenzia is next, and totally casual about the whole affair.

Despite only being a teen for mere hours, Maud is sent off to college too. I want to get the next generation underway, and I'm not playing Uni with only five of the six sibs.

Epitwee waves somewhat sadly as her last baby leaves the house. They'll only return to get married. Ah, life is so fleeting.

(Also, WTF, Vesty Lad is still lurking in the background?! There are no teens in the house now! GTFO!)

And that's all for now! Thank you as always for reading. I'm hoping I can play my game again soon; I haven't even loaded it since taking out the new video card because I'm still worried about the power supply overheating. It'll be a couple of paychecks before I can spring for a new one though, those vet bills kind of took a chunk out of the ol' finances. Oh, the delightful life of being a responsible adult.


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Sep. 5th, 2010 09:43 pm (UTC)
Louise has the BEST clothes and hair! Also, is that a painting of a hearse in the master bedroom? WANT!

I've got my b'jillionth Legacy game going on, but I'm documenting nothing. So far, I've never gotten past the third generation and I don't want to jinx this try by making too much of it.
Sep. 5th, 2010 10:22 pm (UTC)
If only I could remember where I got that hearse painting... probably Garden of Shadows, since they're my go-to place for all my gothy needs.

I really love that hair on Louise! It's been in my downloads folder forever, but I could never find anyone to use it on! I figured Louise's semi-Victorian style would finally be able to work it out, it's nice to see it in game finally.
Mar. 13th, 2014 09:35 pm (UTC)
Louise is my favorite so far, although Celia is gorgeous.
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