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So, my computer is rebuilt. Everything works beautifully, especially World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, which is possible to play for HOURS with no issues. (Multiple graphics issues were what were messing with my computer before. It also runs cooler than ever- in fact, cool air blows out of the front of the case now.) I'm able to play the Sims2 again, though last night it threw me a "D3DERR_NOTAVAILABLE" error and crashed when the nanny showed up (and after playing for about three hours). Supposedly, this means my DirectX needs fixing, so I downloaded the latest one for my system and reinstalled it. I guess I'll find out later if it fixes the problem. (Weirdest of all, that an old program like The Sims 2 should throw this error, but Cataclysm, which I can run easily on very high graphics settings for six hours straight has no issues- I think it's a Sims 2 specific issue.)

ANYWAY. What this means is I have a small Eighties ISBI update, since I wanted to play a family that didn't require as much thinking. When we left off last time, Jenny Eighties met and married Luiz Campbell and had a set of twins named Jack and Diane. She's working on her LTW of becoming a celebrity chef, which means she has to work menial jobs in restaurants.

We start with Jenny making breakfast for the rest of the family before she heads off to work. She's actually not a terrible mother.

Diane has already been up for hours, playing video games.

Jack has likewise been up for hours, but he's busy making his toy boats fly.

Diane heads off to school in the snow. She looks miserable, probably because she didn't bother to eat breakfast.

Diane leaving frees up the computer for Luiz, so he can surf the web before work. Of course, he's not going to put the leftovers away or clean up the breakfast dishes.

And Jack continues to play with toys in his room. He DOES NOT go to school, and Jenny isn't there to force him to go. Jack's decided to live on my bad side, apparently.

More good-looking townies walking by.

No, this isn't a picture from last entry, this is Jack, napping on the couch. Again.

Diane comes home from school just in time to see the penguin skedaddling out of the yard.

She's unfortunately doing poorly in school. But she did just start.

I really hope Luiz is not chatting up AwfulNanny. She's totally awful!

Luiz seems to favor Diane. He rarely, if ever, pays attention to Jack. Guess who will be growing up with issues?!

Being the apple of her father's eye isn't enough to quell Diane's unstoppable rage. RAEG!

Jack continues to live on my bad side by eating breakfast after it spoils. This kid, I sweartahgod...

He's exhausted. Does he go to bed? No, he goes outside and builds a snowman.

Then he spends like an hour making snow angels. All the while complaining bitterly about how tired and sleepy he is. Jack may not be the brightest bulb in the box.

He passes out in the snow.

Since I'm worried he's going to get taken away by Child Protective Services at this point, I use his one childhood command to GO TO BED.

He really seems confused by the fact that he even HAS a bed.

But, he goes to sleep in it, like a NORMAL KID. Instead of just flinging himself on any available couch for his rest.

Meanwhile, Diane is playing chess outside in the snow and trying to freeze herself to death in the middle of the night.

Again, Jenny and Luiz are "busy". Too busy to attend to their children.

Breakfast, meant to be eaten by the whole family, only eaten by Jenny and Luiz. The kids are who knows where, doing who knows what.

Oh, well- it appears Diane managed to find her own bed on her own, and slept in it. And now, she is making it. By herself without being told. Diane may end up heir in this household. And not just because I seem to have a bias towards female heirs.

Diane is insanely active, apparently (I don't know for sure, I haven't peeked at her stats yet). AwfulNanny is nonplussed.

Of course, after a good twenty minutes of couch-jumping, AwfulNanny's opinion of this nonsense has changed!

I assumed AwfulNanny was getting leftovers out to feed the children. Nope! She's eating them herself! This better not become a trend, lady.

At least she's playing with the kids? Not getting them to go wash, clearly, as the stink lines emanating from Jack prove.

Diane is chatting online. Hopefully, not with a child predator. D:

I'm guessing the conversation went poorly, since she immediately ran outside and knocked over the trashcan. WTF, Diane?! And why do you look so happy about it?!

Luiz gets home from work and studiously ignores the trashcan. Also, his children. Also also, the wolf with glowing eyes. Man's good at denial, I'll give him that.

The wolf does not ignore the garbage, far from it! He's delighted there's trash to roll in!

Wolf:: Sup y'all?

And that's all for part three- sorry for the awkward ending. Tune in next time to see if Luiz continues to ignore his kids, if his kids manage to off themselves by their own stupidity, and if Jenny can hold it all together!

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May. 2nd, 2012 08:30 am (UTC)
AwfulNanny is pretty fit, where does she hides all that food she ingests?!

Still enjoying your ISBI a lot ! Even though I'm constantly terrified the children will be taken away :p
Jan. 7th, 2013 07:29 pm (UTC)
I was terrified they would get removed by Child Protective Services as well, they're truly awful children. (Thank god they're teens now!)

(Catching up on comments, since LJ *just now* decided to send me comment notifications for the past few months!)
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