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Finally some free time to do an update again! I warn everyone, this chapter will have my terrible tiny screenshots from when I was finally able to play again after reinstalling my game- I had forgotten to reset my screenshot size, so they look just awful. Apologies in advance.

We start with Jack, playing in the tub, little suspecting that in mere minutes of game time, he will be captured for all time in a cheap, poor resolution fashion to be displayed on the internet!

Jenny once again cooking for her family of idiots. She also doesn't suspect the poor resolution that is coming!

Luiz blithely cleans the toilet. At least he's good for something besides being pretty.

The horror of the horrible screenshots begins! Diane is upset, and tries to wake her mother to help her deal with the issues that now plague her pixellated world.

Unable to wake her mother, Diane instead opts to play in her room with her brother. Ah well, let's muddle through and get this update over with...

The kids move on to playing outside in the dark. Lord knows, they're not about to do any homework.

I seem to take a lot of shots of Jenny cooking. Well, it is important that someone feeds her brood.

The children both go off to school! Hooray! I'm guessing playing all night put them in a good mood.

The downstairs bathroom is left in a pretty sorry state. Good lord, there's a lake on the floor!

Rather than mop up the reservoir forming in the bathroom, Luiz chooses to obsessively clean one small patch of countertop over and over again. Luiz, I think it's clean.

He spends pretty much the entire rest of the day on the computer, to the exclusion of any other activity. I think he is punishing me for getting rid of the piano.

Jack's grades are abysmal.

Jenny is awfully pleased to be getting home from work. Maybe she won't have to wear as much flair soon!

Jenny is still pretty smitten with Luiz, despite her canoodling with random strangers last update. The AwfulNanny does not approve of public displays of affection.

Both Jenny and Luiz aren't quite sure what to do about Jack's poor school performance. Maybe they'll intervene and attempt some parenting to help him improve his grades...

.... Or maybe they'll go and boink each other senseless instead. Good job, you two!

After the mood boost from getting some, Jenny is inspired to force some learnin' into her kid's melon.

Sure, she's in her sexy drawers, but she's still trying to improve her son's academic standing! Points for effort, ma'am.

While she's at it, she gets Diane to do some homework as well.

Over breakfast, Jenny broaches the subject of another baby with Luiz.

Good thing they had that chat, as Jenny tosses up all her breakfast mere moments later.

Well, at least she cleans up after herself.

One of the Summerdream kids comes home with Jack, I think it's Bottom. (Not sure, since I never play the premade characters...)

Jack ignores his guest, choosing instead to play with toys in the nursery while wallowing in his own filth.

Luiz brings a friend home from work; said friend thinks Jenny is fiiiiiiiiiine.....

Jenny pops into the second trimester!

Jack is trying to get taken away by the social worker. Jack is kind of a little jerk.

Jenny sadly contemplates her floundering career. If only she hadn't gotten pregnant again!

The honeymoon is clearly over between these two. They're full on into the Comfort Zone.

An exhausted Jenny still cooks dinner for her family. Do they appreciate it? Hardly!

Jenny can't believe it's time for Jack to grow up into a teenager. Also, she is passing-out-level tired.


Poor Jack grew up badly. It's your own damn fault, kid, always jumping on the bed, skipping school and never doing your homework!

Jack rolled Pleasure as his aspiration, which means I have next to no interest in him as the heir.

It's Diane's turn to grow up- dear old dad makes some noise, since Jenny has long since gone to bed.


Diane grows up well! Yay, Diane!

She has the decency to eat some of her birthday cake, too. (Usually, my Sims tend to leave it moldering on the counter. Wasteful Sims, cake is delicious!)

Look, it's her makeover you can't even see in this weensy craptastic picture! Diane rolled Romance as her aspiration, just like Mom. Innnnnteresting.... Also, side-pony-tails are totally 80's....

Having a birthday sadly doesn't make Diane any more clever, since she insists on sleeping on the couch instead of in her bed.

Jenny pops into the third trimester in the early hours of the morning.

Diane gets her own room added on to the house. Amazingly, she found her new bed completely on her own. I blame stupefying exhaustion levels rather than any kind of innate intelligence.

Jenny being massively pregnant does not slow Luiz down in the slightest. It's cute that he dotes on her so much.

Jack is still playing in the bathtub whenever he is bored.

He then goes to dance alone in his sister's bedroom. I like to think he is dancing with himself.

Diane is freaking out, omg, because she needs social interaction! Despite just becoming best friends with her brother. (Guh, obviously that doesn't count! He's a dweeb!)

Jack may be a dweeb, but he can still give a mean noogie!

Diane is the best teenager ever, because she cleans up on her own. Totally without being told!

We'll end with Diane trying to stomp some roaches to death, not that you can see them in this terrible screenshot. Someone keeps knocking over the trash can, and so the house is continually becoming infested. Disgusting!

That's all for this update! Next time: bigger screenshots, the birth of the newest addition to the Eighties clan, and more wacky ISBI hijinks! Thanks for reading!

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May. 2nd, 2012 09:32 am (UTC)
I can totally see the roaches (unfortunately!).

Have an internet cookie for reminding me of the very concept and existence of side ponytails :D

Cool update, and the kids are safe now. We can relax and hope for a better future, although Jack doesn't have much to hope for, it seems he's already out of the race, poor devil!
Jan. 7th, 2013 07:27 pm (UTC)
I was never able to rock the side ponytail in the 80's without looking like an escaped mental patient, so it's good that Diane gets to try it on! XD

(Catching up on comments, since LJ *just now* decided to send me comment notifications for the past few months!)
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