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SO LONG since my last updates. I apologize. Too much work, not enough free time. But who cares about that, let's get to the Sims pix, right right?

Last time, the Goreys were still in college. AND THEY STILL ARE. I swear, college will never end. Why I ever let Epitwee have six children, I will never know.

Since Celia is super super artsy, she gives Louise some unasked for and unheeded critique.

In case you forgot (it HAS been a while...), Louise is still SO PURTY.

Off to class, and no clue as to why a professor is staring into the corner of the porch. She was there for hours. O_O

Ortenzia is also still extremely pretty. I honestly don't remember why I took so many glamour shots of everyone...

Thump, painting. Thump, ignored and unwanted due to his unceasing dullness.

A college townie with a serious ego problem. She only thought about herself the whole time she walked by!

Ortenzia is getting bored of college, so naturally she is going to try to do a school cheer with Ashton.

I very much don't like where this is heading! And Maud is away at class! That's your sister's man, Tenzi! Stop it!

I shouldn't have worried. The instant night fell, Maud returned home from class and LEAPED on Ashton. In your FACE, Tenzi!

Is there anything cuter than two geeks in love? I think not!

Ashton apparently very much approves of Maud's pillow talk!

For a second, I was weirded out that the girls were tickling each other, then I remembered they are a pair of twins.

Quentin and Thump actually do their assignments. They're really so very dull. Sorry, boys.

Fortunately, Louise finds the very sight of Ashton disgusting. She blocks the hallway, thus preventing Ortenzia from flinging herself at him again. Thanks, Louise!

Strangely, Louise isn't talking to Fayiz. She's once again talking to known jerkface Azarias Wang.

Other dormies are interested in Louise. She ignores them. AS IF.

Was worried since I couldn't find Ortenzia, and discovered she was woohooing SOMEONE.

It's just Gaius again. He's Ortenzia's go-to friend-with-benefits.

Ortenzia is looking fly after all that woohoo. Nothing else boosts her mood as much.

She even introduces herself to random passersby.

She's really developing a thing for Gaius, never mind the fact that she's got Leslie on the side.

Oops, she's fallen in love. That's not going to help anything. I am surprised she's not a Romance Sim.

The cafeteria lady has set the stove on fire AGAIN. Quentin can't even BELIEVE this nonsense! We need to change her name to Firestarter.

Louise is apparently hoping to make some enemies, using the telescope during the day.

Sure enough, Mr. Capp is pretty ticked off.

Oh no he DIDN'T! I don't think he reckoned on Louise having the famous Angry Gorey Eyebrows.

She even tells him he smells like old man. ICE BURN.

Meanwhile, Celia and Matilda are still in love. In case you forgot about them...

Did I mention Matilda is beautiful? Just gorgeous. Also, clever use of your knees there for censoring, Tilda.

Quentin is rendered slightly more interesting by his girlfriend, Xiang. They are cute together.

All the girlfriends are visiting! Louise takes the time to get to know all of them better.

ONE MORE EXAM DOWN. I honestly don't know how many more there are to go at this point.

Work on that Nature enthusiasm, Louise!

Thump and Renee, still going strong. She's tragically just as dull as he is.

Ortenzia is studying. That probably explains the expression of pure rage.

Gorey Skilling Party Time!

Maud is stinky. Poor thing.

She's also now very fit!

Ortenzia is making yet another move on Gaius. She's quite the femme fatale.

And that's all for now. Next time, the END OF COLLEGE. (And there was much rejoicing!) Thanks for reading!

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