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Discovered I had enough screenies for an Eighties update! Whoo hoo! This is good, since I have had no time to play Sims in forever. Tragically, work and life have been In The Way.

Now, everyone remembers the deal here: it's an I'm Surrounded By Idiots (ISBI) Challenge, featuring our founder, Jenny Eighties. She married Luiz, a gorgeous imbecile, and they proceeded to have twins, the charming and dim-witted Jack and Diane. And oh yes, the naming theme for this legacy is the wonderful and often cheesy music of the 1980's. And other 80's stuff, because I am an Old. Anyway, let's get started!

We start with Jenny outside in her PJs, picking up the trash can, YET AGAIN. Why? Because she's the only one who can. Who cares if she's pregnant! I have no idea who keeps knocking it over, unless it's Diane. (It's probably Diane.)

Jack takes it upon himself to go outside to stomp the ever-present roaches. Really, their end of the street is lousy with them at this point.

Hugely pregnant, the only one who can clean AND the only one who cooks with any regularity. Jenny is a true modern woman. She can have it all!

Jenny: My life is a hollow lie...

Jack is about to pass out, because he's too brain dead to know to go to bed. Jenny is ravenous; that's her second bowl. She's eating for two. Please note Diane *at* the table, *pretending* to eat!

I say pretending to eat, because mere moments later, Diane is so ravenous, she's willing to insert her head into a mirror in an effort to gain attention for her suffering. I am not amused.

Jenny calls the exterminator. The roaches are getting out of control. Soon, The Sickness will start!

Luiz attempts to stomp bugs as well. This renders him stinky.

The kids are punching each other (as you do), Jenny is cooking *again* (I guess Diane's whining worked), and Luiz is making a beeline to the sink.

Alas, Luiz breaks down into tears before he can reach the sink. He's so incredibly filthy, he can't stand it! Jack stares off into space. (A regular occurrence.)

Luiz does something almost clever and gets himself into the shower. Jenny isn't looking too well there, though.

That would be because it is labor time! In that most traditional of Sims birthing halls, the bathroom!

It's a boy! He has Jenny's eyes, which means he may be a clone of Jack. He is of course named Bela.

Jack is a good big brother right off the bat. Well, the infant is his clone.

He at least does better than Diane. Don't kick the baby!

She eventually gets the hang of it.

Orrrrr maybe not....

A new day brings the exterminator. Who is apparently super grossed out by insects. Grody to the MAX!

Jenny continues to feed her poor, foolish family.

Well, she made a good try anyway, I'm sure she didn't expect Diane to pass out in the pancakes. Maybe Diane is trying to absorb the nutrients through her skin.

Jack tucks Bela in, without being told. Good for you, Jack!

However, he's still too dense to smell the delicious smells of food wafting through the house.

AwfulNanny contemplates just how she's going to screw up *this* kid.

The table is covered in filth. His sister is unconscious in her plate. Jack can ignore anything. A true ISBI kid!

I am speechless when AwfulNanny both cleans AND takes actual care of a baby. World must be ending. Please don't blow up and destroy yourself, game. I don't think I could take it again.

Pretty walk-by is pretty!

Aw, Luiz and Jenny are carpooling together now! That's adorable!

Despite her cheater-ish ways, he still loves her very much. Also, he loves money. It's the 80's, everyone does.

This gal came home from work with Luiz. Oh my yes, her genetics are getting in this family somehow. She looks awesome! I am pretty sure her name is Benedicta. No clue why all the townies in this neighborhood are spawning with fantasy skins, but hey, I don't mind it.

Luiz is clever enough to remember that Jenny loves a creative guy. Serenades, 24/7!

After she got into the house, I lost track of Benedicta. When I found her again, she was jamming out all alone in Diane's room. Yeah, that's totally normal.

It's like, sushi, don't cha know? (Ah, if only I could find the sushi clip from Valley Girl...)

No fun for Jack!

Luiz and Jenny always have something to do though. They are never without entertainment!

I don't even know what's going on here. Diane missed the toilet by mere inches, though. Her mom seems waaaayyyy too pleased about it.

Diane is not pregnant. I don't have that hack. She merely has the flu.

The next day, I notice Benedicta is STILL THERE. Despite the fact that NO ONE talked to her during her visit. Hanging around outside, waiting for people to play her at chess. Yeah, *that's* not creepy at all!

Jack also has bladder control issues.

Luiz has just given up on trying anymore. It's sink baths or nothing now! A little unsanitary though, considering food is being prepared right next to him.

Oh my god, they actually paid attention to Bela. He might not grow up totally goth now!

And hey hey, the teens go off to school! Hooray! I had forgotten they were even IN school.

Luiz is very worried. Not about Jenny and her roving eye (though he should be), but about money. He knows he's too dumb to get promoted again.

Jenny is, of course, meeting exciting new people!

She works fast....

And just like that, she's already tired of him. I didn't even bother to write down his name.

It's time for Bela's birthday!

Glitchy cake is glitchy!

Take two: success! The confetti mocks me, by obscuring the child's face.

Seriously, now the hair gets in on the obstruction.

Still hard to tell what he looks like. A toddler, pretty much.

Finally a decent picture of Toddler!Bela. And he looks like Jack. But with more hair.

Luiz actually pays attention to one of his children!

Yep, he likes Bela.

Wow, this kid is getting more attention than the others did. I'm thinking twins and ISBIs don't really mesh well.

Ah well, Bela still ends up sleeping on the floor wherever he passes out. Even though there's a perfectly good dog bed a couple of feet away.

I swear, this is all they do. And I honestly have no idea if they had a baby chime or not, it's been so long. It will be a surprise for us all next time I play!

Jack's grades go up! (Well, they certainly couldn't go DOWN anymore...)

The girl who followed him home seems skeptical of everything though. Why she's dressed like a soccer mom, I have no idea.

And we end with Jenny in her new outfit from her awesome promotion I forgot to take a screenshot of! Whoo hoo! My notes also say that at some point she wrote an Asian cookbook and earned $10K for doing so. Must have been a hobby enthusiasm reward. Either way, go Jenny! You'll have that career yet! (Just don't get knocked up again...)

Anyway, that's all for now. Hope you enjoyed it, and here's hoping I can actually get some time to play again soon. If only I didn't require sleep!

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Apr. 19th, 2012 04:30 am (UTC)
i really, really like this family :D
i just read this whole thing from the beginning.. you're funny, and this legacy is very entertaining. it also gives me inspiration to maybe start playing an ISBI legacy of my own, some day...

looking forward to the next updates (:
Apr. 19th, 2012 11:41 pm (UTC)
Thank you! An ISBI is fun, but it's really difficult since I'm normally a super control freak with my Sims. It's so difficult to just let the uncontrollables do whatever they want. I end up yelling at them a lot. XD

I will say it's pretty easy though, since you don't have to pay very close attention to anyone!
May. 2nd, 2012 09:54 am (UTC)
I really like this ISBI too. By the way, I'd like to congratulate silly Luiz on still having a job!

I started my own ISBI too, months ago, but didn't get to play past the first week. Yet! But the motivations are the same: I'm such a control freak that I want to try and see how long I can stand the insanity. You're doing a great job with it!
May. 2nd, 2012 11:44 pm (UTC)
I am also amazed Luiz has a job! He toddles off to work all by himself, even! XD It remains to be seen how long I will be able to stand the lack of control on these guys- plus I've never made it past generation 3 on any of my previous legacies, so here's hoping I can stick it out.

I am loving your Muriel icon!!! (Yes, it deserves three exclamation points.) Toni Collette is my favorite.
May. 3rd, 2012 04:36 pm (UTC)
Great actress and unforgettable character. The "Waterloo" scene never fails to make me laugh to tears.
I guess ABBA is technically rather the 70's, but it'll have to do ;)
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